Self reported high school coursework form

When should I complete the Academic Record form? We recommend that you fill out the online Academic Record form after you complete your application form.

Self reported high school coursework form

Since accuracy is critical, you must have a copy of your high school transcript available to use as a reference when you create your SSAR. Be sure to indicate any courses taken through an online school. Who is required to complete the SSAR? All freshman applicants must complete a SSAR, with the following exceptions: Applicants who have not followed an academic curriculum patterned after the U.

This includes students who have attended an institution not patterned after the U.

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All academic records not in English must be accompanied by a certified English translation. In addition, these credentials must be evaluated by a credential evaluation agency.

GED graduates - students must submit their official GED transcript, along with official partial high school transcript s. We recommend that you complete the SSAR before submitting your application for admission.

Your application for admission will not be reviewed until your application fee, SSAR, and self-reported test scores have been received. Do home-educated students complete the SSAR? Yes, if they have followed an academic curriculum patterned after the traditional U.

If the curriculum followed cannot be represented on the SSAR, we ask that you contact the Office of Admissions at admissions fsu. What if I have graduated from High School? Yes, you will complete the SSAR.

Self reported high school coursework form

Students that have graduated from high school will list all of their coursework and all final grades on the SSAR. All freshman applicants excluding the exceptions must complete the SSAR. The SSAR collects grades on a semester basis.

Please refer to the following examples to guide your grade submission. If your high school transcript has: For example, if you earned a grade of B in Algebra I which is a yearlong course 1 creditenter that grade twice first semester and second semester. Both semester grades and final grades: For example, if you took Algebra I earning an A in the first semester and a B in the second semester with your final grade being a B, enter a grade of B twice first semester and second semester.

Both trimester grades and final grades: If the course is yearlong, enter the final grade twice. If the course is only for one trimester, enter the grade in either the first or second semester.Self-Reported Class Rank & Grades Form for Freshmen Applicants Full Name Date of Birth mm/dd/yyyy High School Coursework high school transcript and use it to complete the self-reported form.

Your self-reported grades should match those displayed on your transcript. For. Welcome to the Rutgers Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR). The Rutgers SRAR allows you to provide your academic record electronically to Rutgers University. If you have already graduated from high school, you do not need to use this form.

Already Applied to Rutgers? Self-Reported Grades. When applying as a first-year student to UGA, students will be asked to submit a summary of the grades earned in academic courses in high school. While UGA requires an official transcript from the high school, we also prompt students to submit their self-reported grades.

Applications that require self-reported coursework generally ask for a list of all courses taken from grades 9 to 11 – or courses that count towards high school (i.e. a middle school class that counted for high school credit) – as well as in-progress courses for 12th grade.

Self-Reported Senior Year In-Progress Coursework Form for Freshmen Applicants Full name Date of birth mm/dd/yyyy In-Progress High School Coursework. The Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) is a list of your courses and associated grades that have been completed or will be completed for high school or college credit.

The SRAR is optional, but replaces the official high school transcript during the Admissions Committee review process.

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