Macroeconomic term papers

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Macroeconomic term papers

Macroeconomic term papers

Real GAP, is the true indicator of its growth and prosperity and can be looked upon to forecast what the future of the economy will be to be able to take policy decisions in a scientific manner.

This paper aims at examining various macro economic variables and use statistical methods to find the impact of these variables on each other. For this objective secondary data has been obtained about inflation rate ICPbank rate and real GAP of India during the years to This data is on quarterly basis and hence contains over 30 observations.

This data is obtained from the Bloomberg Terminal and the website www. In and regression analysis is employed to obtain findings. Upon rigorous analysis it has been found out that Gross Domestic Product at fixed prices of India during the period under study is positively correlated with interest rate as well as with inflation rate trends for the said period.

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Another reason for it was the increasing number of cheap skilled labor force in the country and the ongoing trend of outsourcing.

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In the economy registered a growth rate of 8. Inflation for this period measured by the ICP for industrial workers declined significantly from the figures of the last few years to come at 3. In the next fiscal year the GAP at constant prices grew at 9 percent. The economy had shown growth above 8 percent in only five years, three of which were the last three years.

According to experts these achievements were possible because of many factors. These were momentum in industrial investment, modest inflation, growth in exports and imports, progress in fiscal consolidation and the launch of the National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme UNREST for providing Job security to the employable youth.

By this time the increasing growth was putting inflationary pressures on the economy and this was observed when the average inflation for the 52 weeks ending February was recorded at 5 per cent. Though the image of India as a high growth country was helping it in more than one ways by bringing more work in the IT sector and increased development on the industry front.

These factors contributed in bringing the growth rate at 9. There was a strong relation between the policy decisions taken during these periods and the economic performance in the form of high growth of GAP and also rising inflation.

Though there was not much change in the stance of the monetary policy but there were significant fiscal policy measures that are worth mentioning. Heavy initiatives were taken in the direction of fiscal consolidation under such regimes. In the economies worldwide experienced arguably the worst economic meltdown leading to a three year long global recession.

The effects of the crisis were seen on almost all economies of the world however India had potentially some strengths that made it immune to the crisis to some extent.

These were financially sound and well capitalized banking sector among others. However the inflation ever since has been high in the economy. In growth significantly sled from its figures in the past few years coming down at 6.

In the years that followed the policy makers were given a crucial task of bringing the economy back from the shackles of the global economic slowdown. The response was heavy fiscal expansion.Can macroeconomic variables explain long term stock market movements? A comparison of the US and Japan While early empirical papers on APT focussed on individual macroeconomic variables in a number of studies, see inter alia Mukherjee and Naka (), Cheung and Ng (), Nasseh and Strauss (), McMillan () and.

Macroeconomic. 9/26/ Lecture 1 – Introduction to Macroeconomics • Key concepts of macroeconomics Key concepts of macroeconmics • Macroeconomics is the study of the behavior of the economy as a whole.

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?All societies must economize because human wants are unlimited, but resources needed to satisfy these wants are limited.? This statement means that society must (a) use its recourses in such a way as to get the most out of them (b.) save as much money as possible (c) keep its budgets balanced (d) prohibit the use of its resources.

Factor Models for Macroeconomic Measurement and Forecasting," presented at the Eighth via discussion of two papers that took a new approach to macro-econometric dynamic factor models (DFMs), Reichlin () The term \Big Data," which spans computer science and statistics/econometrics, probably.

Macroeconomic term papers

20 Interesting Macroeconomics Term Paper Topic Ideas Writing your macroeconomics term paper can be hard if you don’t start with a great topic. You need to have one you’re passionate about before you can hope you get it finished easily and quickly.


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