Grading rubric for middle school research paper

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Grading rubric for middle school research paper

I make a claim and explain why it is controversial. Reasons in support of the claim I give clear and accurate reasons in support of my claim.

I give reasons in support of my claim, but I overlook important reasons. Reasons against the claim I discuss the reasons against my claim and explain why it is valid anyway.

Organization My writing has a compelling opening, an informative middle, and a satisfying conclusion. My writing has a beginning, a middle, and an end. My organization is rough but workable. I may sometimes get off topic. My writing is aimless and disorganized. Voice and tone It sounds like I care about my argument.

I tell how I think and feel about it. My tone is OK, but my paper could have been written by anyone. I need to tell how I think and feel.

My writing is bland or pretentious. My writing is too formal or informal. Word choice The words that I use are striking but natural, varied, and vivid.

I make some fine and some routine word choices. I use the same words over and over. Some words may be confusing. Sentence fluency My sentences are clear, complete, and of varying lengths. I have well-constructed sentences. My sentences are often awkward, run-ons, or fragments.

Many run-on sentences and sentence fragments make my essay hard to read. Conventions I use correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling. I have a few errors to fix, but I generally use correct conventions. I have enough errors in my essay to distract a reader. Numerous errors make my paper hard to read.

I describe four levels of quality but do not give them labels. In my experience, satisfactory labels are hard to come by, and it is obvious at a glance that a 4 is what everyone should try to achieve and a 1 is something to avoid.

Some teachers indicate a cutoff point on the rubric, for instance, by drawing a box around the level that is considered acceptable. The instructional rubric in Figure 1 has the two basic components of a rubric—criteria and gradations of quality.

The second and third criteria, "Reasons in Support of the Claim" and "Reasons Against the Claim," emphasize good thinking—an emphasis missing from many rubrics. They not only tell students that good critical thinking must be evident in their essays, but also guide them in how and how not to do it so that the rubric serves as an instructional tool as well as an evaluative one.

What is the purpose of rubrics?

In addition, the gradations of quality describe problems that students encounter as they write, such as not stating their claim clearly enough for a reader to understand level 2 of the first criterionand using the same words over and over level 1 of the sixth criterion.

The gradations of quality allow students to spot weaknesses in their writing and give them concrete ways to improve their shortcomings.

Why Use Instructional Rubrics? Rubrics have become very popular, a recognizable trend in education. Experienced teachers, however, have seen numerous trends rise and fall over the years and quite reasonably ask, "Why bother with this one?

Instructional rubrics are easy to use and to explain. For these reasons, teachers like to use them to assess student work, parents appreciate them when helping their children with homework, and students often request them when given a new assignment.Fortunately, you could find relief for your grading overload with a simple assessment tool--the rubric.

Grading rubric for middle school research paper

Rubrics can make life easier for stressed out middle and high school teachers. With a rubric, you know exactly what to look for in every paper you grade, so there's no need to spend too much precious time reading each essay for correctness.

LIBR Research Paper Rubric A=4 B=3 C=2 D=1 F=0 Thesis Clearly stated and appropriately focused ARGUABLE thesis Clearly stated but focus/argument needs to be sharper.

Grading rubric for middle school research paper

Created Date: 9/17/ AM. The URL Shortener creates short links for links on the web. Please sign in to use the service. Sign In. Paper will be graded on quality of research to support the topic, effective use of information gained through research, credibility of sources, content, grammar and mechanics, and bibliography..

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