Collection of information of my favourite

On average over 4, adverts are downloaded from this site every day, It would appear that people love the same adverts that I do! This section of my website allows you to download and watch some of my favourite television adverts from the past ten years.

Collection of information of my favourite

Aaahaahaa,kya khazana diya hai hume in sangeetkaro ne!

Collection of information of my favourite

And once again thank you A. My list of 10 of early CR-Lata was intended to show their enormous contribution. To do full justice one would need to write a series of articles. On return I would have to go through all the songs. Then I would send further comments.

Bapat December 21, at 5: Will you try for other songs? I searched every where to find out the truth. Can any body tell me what happened. The one I especially like is Oonchi oonchi dukan from Pahli Jhalak. It is such a joyous song: Another very sweet Lata solo is Hum aah bhi bharte hain, matlab ki ye duniya hai yahan kaun kisi ka hota hai Viswanathan Nair The two duets you have mentioned are outstanding.

I had confined this to Lata solos. May be a list of his duets are called for. From the film Stree my favourite is Aaj madhuvatas dole. Stree was remake of V. Stree starred Rajeshri, his daughter from Jayasree.

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Another great classical from that film by Lata was Na maro najarian ke ban akeli aayi paniya Bharane. It was good movie with Vaijayatimala and Kishorekumar. Huge hit with every song a hit Ana meri jan Jawani ki rail chali jayere Baje shenani hamate nagana Chadhati jawanimen Jhule Jhule meri rani Chhook chhook chhaiyan chhaiyan Jay Krishna hare.

Another great song when Latakia sang again for C. Ramchand was Paavan Diwani from Dr. Na maro nazariya ke baan is a less heard gem, like so many of his sweet songs we are discovering only now because of the internet. And what exquisite dance by Vyjayantimala.

Collection of information of my favourite

Na maro nazariya ke baan from Pehli Jhalak A small detail. Burman gave music for Dr. Also great songs from Zanzer are ched gays mohe sapanome Shyam and chhook chhanannana chhook chhook by Lata. Another super hit of C. Hamko tumhara hi ashram, Thandi Thandi ret me khajoor ke tale 49 Arunkumar Deshmukh January 28, at 9: While all other things are fine,there is one major factual lapse in your introduction lines.

You are saying that in Lal Qila function of ,there was a mention of Lyricist Pradeep but there was no mention of C.This is a mind map. A mind map is a graphical representation of ideas and concepts.

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My favourite Lata Mangeshkar songs by C Ramchandra | Songs Of Yore

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