Across a hundred mountains

Posted on July 19, by Steve Up at 5: Nice bike path out of Monmouth for the first 5 miles to Rickreall then back on heavy traffic road…good shoulder most of the way to Grand Ronde, about 30 miles in, but lots of traffic and very uninspiring riding. Picked up some orange juice and snacks for the road then headed for the coast.

Across a hundred mountains

Location The northernmost peak of the Misty Mountains was Mount Gundabad; where according to legend Durin eldest of the Seven Fathers of the Dwarves awoke, though it became an abode and mountain-fortress of Orcs.

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Inside Celebdil, the Dwarves built the Endless Stairfrom the foundations of the mountain to the top of it. There may have been a gap between Mount Gundabad in the Misty Mountains and the westernmost extremity of the Grey Mountainsthough published maps differ on this point.

Rivendell was hidden in the foothills of the Misty Mountains at the western end of the High Pass. Mount Gundabad, the largest Goblin dwelling in the Misty Mountains, was located south-east of Angmar. The "stone-giants" also inhabited this mountain range, as told in The Hobbit.

Later, when the Elves on their Great Journey to Valinor looked upon their terrible height a portion of the Telerilater known as the Nandor grew afraid and turned south down the Great River.

After the defeat of Morgoth, the surviving orcs and a Balrog came to live there and would remain a problem for over six-thousand years.

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The Great Eagles also began living here in a place known as the Eagles Eyrie. Slowly, the Misty Mountains became increasingly perilous and dangerous to travelers as Goblins and other creatures came to dwell under there.

The Fellowship of the Ring tried to cross the Redhorn Pass after rejecting the High Pass leading to Rhovanion as being watched by the Enemy, and the Gap of Rohan as taking the Fellowship too close to Isengardbut a blizzard forced it to go under the mountain instead of over it.

Gandalf slew the Balrog by casting it down from Zirakzigilbut it had worn his life already, and on that high ground he lay until Gwaihir bore him to Lothlorien. This is from an IAU convention that names mountain ranges on Titan after mountain ranges from Tolkien's work.

Translations around the world.An affecting debut on Mexican poverty, illegal immigration and cosmic injustice. Split between the narratives of a ten-year-old girl and a woman in her 30s, the novel illustrates the travails of immigration—the often hard fate of those left behind, the danger of crossing the United States border.

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Across a Hundred Mountains is a stunning and poignant story of migration, loss, and discovery–as two women, one born in Mexico, one from the U.S., find their lives joined in the most unlikely way.

After a tragedy separates her from her mother, Juana García leaves in search of her father, who left them two years earlier.

Since this is the last post to this blog, I’ll keep it short and to the point and forgo the time I woke up, hit the road, and where I stopped and ate along the way. There are tulips, and there are tulips. Of course there are the hybrids we all know and love, with their stately stems and big, colorful flowers -- a bit showy perhaps -- anchoring the spring display.

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But then there are special tulips, the ones that remain the way nature intended them to be. They. To see our Real Estate listings, click here for Grand Lake real estate opportunities for you and your family. Homes Condominiums Land Commercial [email protected] Grande, a PEN Emerging Voices Fellow, turns in a topical and heartbreaking border story for her debut.

Juana, 11, loses her baby sister in a flood, and the death sets off a chain of tragic eve.

Across a hundred mountains
Across a Hundred Mountains | Reyna Grande